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Important Cautions, Guidelines and Warnings for Web Site Customers & Web projects






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10 ways to protect you from webdevelopment company

 Important Cautions, Guidelines and Warnings for Web Site Customers

10 ways to ensure that you are not cheated by web companies

We at New age Corp are aware of  mal-practices followed in the Market for website design & development related work. Our duty is to guide customers of these malpractices and  be careful when you have a web project


The following points you must read,  If you are an Individual owner or a  SME ( Small Medium Enterprise) or even a Big Comany, who are in need of a website design/development to increase your business.


What is mentality of a Typical Web Design/Development Company

1. Most of the web design and development companies treat a new prospect/Customer  like a lifelong project, whom they want to milk progressively and slowly. In extreme words BLEED slowlyâ¦

2. Please note that Cost of Updates in a live website is 200% higher than the making the same functionality available initially at the design phase. The web company will never tell you this in advance.

3. Web company knows that it is very tough to change the development company by customer, hence they try to capitalize on the same by offering the minimum work initially and keeping the major work for future updates.

4. Web Company


To safe-Guard yourself from tricks of web company, Kindly follow the below guidelines

2. You typically send your Business Requirements to them, Based on your immediate business requirements, Design of the home page and inner pages are prepared by the web company, The following actions happen next

·         You are either very happy in seeing the nice design and good graphics & accept the same. Or you change one or two designs & finally freeze the  work and web company starts working on design  development.


But Just observe if you have done the following study & discussed it in advance with them ( Web company will never tell you these things)

a.       Is this the final Design & Functionality you want after 20 years, if not pleased renegotiate to change the design accordingly.

b.      If you have management staff who can write content well, insist on CMS ( Content Management based website), it will cost a little high in beginning but will definitely benefit you in long run.

c.       Have you Asked where the website will be hosted?

d.      Have you asked How much space will be provided to your website on server

                                                                           i.      Negotiate for at Least 10GB Space in beginning itself so that you do not face any issues later.

                                                                         ii.      If you do not ask the company, they will just give you 2GB of space and later charge very high amount as upgrade.

e.      Please be visionary & think âWhat Happens when business starts growing & your website starts getting popularâ

                                                                           i.      Have you asked for  email inquiry management tool?

                                                                         ii.      Have you asked for Payment gateway Integration?

                                                                        iii.      Have you asked for Customer Reviews/Feedback Form?

                                                                       iv.      Have you asked , what will be charges for regular updates & changes as per business requirements?

                                                                         v.      No Business remains same forever, as business changes, you need to make changes accordingly in website regularly. Make a decision that you will hire an IT programmer or want to outsource the same to web company.

                                                                       vi.      If you want to outsource future works, Negotiate the hourly rates in advance for add on works once web proposal is drafted.

                                                                      vii.       Ensure that Hourly rates are negotiated well in advance and lowest in market.

                                                                    viii.      Ensure that you get at least 2 quotations so that you can compare the rates and negotiate well..

                                                                       ix.      Last but Not the least, Never ever Agree for 50% in Advance or 100% in advance, The following are Best Payment terms

1.       20% on Home Page Finalization & Design

2.       20% on Inner Pages finalization & Design

3.       20% on beta Site Release

4.       20% on site hand âover.

5.       20% after One Month from the website Handover ( This is a must as it will protect you from any issues if you encounter when website is handed over to you)


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